CEO In Training I

Coding literacy is our aim Camp Code++.  We are serious about teaching professional level coding skills so that our participants are not just having a great time, but also acquiring important skills they can use in the real world. RoboGarden™ software suite can take each participant from where they are to the next level of coding skill.  Whether they are beginners using Blockly or more advanced in Javascript or Python.

Teaming up with our Boardroom Camp Coders (see descriptor for The Boardroom), participants will be given a business idea to execute. As the CEO in training, participants will be the project managers overseeing an invented mini company. They will activate the talent and skills of their team to develop a business model.  Teams will be challenged to present their final pitch to the board of directors at week’s end. What we know for sure is that participants will hone in on their design skills, sales pitches, social media savvy and team build to grow an idea into an empire!


Jul 08 2019 - Jul 12 2019


8:00 am - 4:00 pm




Alastair Ross Technology Centre
3553 31 St NW Calgary AB
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