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Coding and STEM for KIDS and YOUTH

We believe that combining Coding and STEM activities for young people to experience is one solution to bridge the skills gap that causes barriers to social and economic growth.

We know that learning happens when we create an environment that engages people through hands on experiences and causes them to wonder!

Camp Code is all about creating an environment of wonder…

Participants will experience a blend of activities that balance “screen time” using our trademarked game-based coding literacy software with hands on experiential activities planned around the domain of STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math).

About our Trademarked Coding Software

RoboGarden Inc. has developed an award winning software program that teaches your child how to code using Blockly, Python and JavaScript.

From the basics of coding to becoming an expert, RoboGardenTM software engages young people through a personal journey to developing coding literacy just like the professionals!

About our STEM Activities

Along with the opportunity to develop coding skills, participants will engage in hands on STEM activities. Our content builders are experts in science, technology, engineering and math. They are educators, engineers, entrepreneurs and business developers. They also happen to be experts of WONDER and they know how to design programs that make young people eager to learn and make sense of the world.